Getting to the Good Stuff

Using Bash functionality and notebook extensions to improve your workflow

“Cd… pwd… ls… cd… pwd… ls… Where did I put that repo?!”

“Did I pull down the updates to that project from GitHub?”

“Where did I define that function again?”

Do any of those phrases sound familiar?

Beginning with Bash

Aliases, a.k.a. “How do I do that again?”

alias jnb=’jupyter notebook’

Let’s have some FUN-ctions!

1 # Move to DS Lecture Notes if elsewhere2 function dsln.nav() {3     LECTURES=~/Documents/Flatiron_Stuff/Class_Notes/ds-east-042621-lectures/4     if [[ $PWD != $LECTURES ]]; then5         cd ~/Documents/Flatiron_Stuff/Class_Notes/ds-east-042621-lectures/6         pwd7         ls8     fi9 }
1 # Git merge and open in Jupyter Notebook2 function dsln.pjnb() {3     cd ~/Documents/Flatiron_Stuff/Class_Notes/ds-east-042621-lectures/4     git pull upstream main5     pwd6     jnb7 }

The Chaos of My Code

Introducing Nbextensions

More of a series than a notebook
Honey, I shrunk the notebook. Or at least the display.

Installation and Set Up

Organizing Cells:

Viewing Cell Details

From here…
…To there!
Pythons love importsssss….

Storyteller and Scientist